Where The Whales Go To Die

by Tacky Little Hatshop

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released April 28, 2015

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Jeff Suri
Mastered by Victor Orlando Nieto
Music written by Enya Preston
All lyrics by Marjie Preston
Music written by Marjie Preston on ‘Thank you for the Rain’ and ‘Rosemary’

Annie Preston: vocals, guitar, banjo
Enya Preston: keyboards, piano, accordion, vocals
Jeff Suri: drums, percussion, bass, vocals
Victor Orlando Nieto: bass
Erick Nieto: violin, extra percussion
Alisa San Vicente: flute
Album artwork: Enya Preston
Booking: tackylittlehatshopband@gmail.com
(C) Notorious Narwhal Music



all rights reserved


Tacky Little Hatshop

Tacky Little Hatshop fuses manic keyboard, acoustic guitar, and jungle drums to create a strange yet comforting blend of space folk (think Feist meets Tom Waits).

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Track Name: Thank You For The Rain

Thank you for the rain
I watch it come down, I watch it come down
I woke up again, see what I found, see what I found

The clouds were holding back
The sky was heavy, but no one mentioned it at all
The air was still, but nothing happened till a crack let the first drop fall

Thank you for the rain
I watch it come down, I watch it come down
Sheets like glass upon hills
It started to pound, it started to pound

The land was dry, but now its pouring,
And I could feel it all along
The earth held on, but we waged war
And we tumbled right out of the sky

So I heard from the birds that you're trying to take me apart
Well life is but a dream and I still have my pen and heart

Thank you for the rain, I watch it come down, I watch it come down
Sheets like glass upon hills
It started to pound, it started to pound

The air was still, but nothing happened till a crack let the first drop fall
Nothing was wrong, but we got hungry
And we saw the writing on the wall
Track Name: Where The Whales Go To Die

Borne on ships of air, the spyglass glares into my eyes.
Fire and blinding rain, our zeppelin thunders down again

Fox and bear and walrus too, reindeer, beluga, caribou,
They gather underneath a midnight sun.
Angels in a frozen sky, the pods of narwhals pushing by,
Their lonely song booms low beneath the bay

Early in the morn, I see the glaciers born,
Where whales go to die.
Ghosts fill empty halls mourning like the gulls,
Where the whales go to die.

I will stay behind, a world unmoved by time
Where the whales go to die
I have found my home, where Orcas cease to roam,
And the whales go to die.

And to a sacred ground, beyond the sound, a secret lies
Strange, the sagas tell, the mouth to hell beneath the ice

The pack ice and the jagged line, we are alone and traveling time,
To places where the faces never change
The expedition's wrecking me, The seafloor is a bed you see,
To hold my frozen bones and let me sleep

Fantastic as a dream,
An ancient glacial stream,
Where the whales go to die.
Thoughts race like a train, and drive me back again,
Where the whales go to die.

I must slay this foe, and leave him far below,
Where the whales go to die.
Pressing farther on, the ice cracks with the dawn,
Where the whales go to die.
Track Name: Normal
Life is still beautiful see it I see it
The Earth still spins around
The Sun comes up to greet it

I’m searching for normal
Flying in circles, counting my losses
Lighting my candles

I’m searching for normal
Falling to pieces, talking to strangers
Feeling my heartbeat

Life is still beautiful I see it I see it
The Moon waxes and wanes
The oceans all can feel it

I’m searching for normal
Waking from dreaming,
Burning the house down
Building my castle

I’m searching for normal
Telling my secrets, slaying my dragons
Feeling my heartbeat
Track Name: Through A Glass Darkly
Wait for me underneath the tree,
Where you saw me in your deep, deep sleep.
Lovers eyes, searching through the skies
For a perfect place to dream.

Look, look see how they're killing me,
But you just can't hear how loud I scream.
Clouds will break and the whole earth shakes
And the trees will clap their hands

Is there anyone beside me, hold my hand and somehow hide me, Hold your breath and look inside me,
Silhouettes fade to black.
Looking for a key to open, falling through a sky unbroken,
Looking for a word once spoken,
Before the earth was born.

When the sun comes up, when the sun goes down,
Keep me from the ghosts that hunt me down.
This whole world is a shadow of deeper magic that will be.
Angels crowd round to see the signs
And to watch in awe as the world unwinds.
Branches bend, with the seeds they send for a forest yet to come.

I have seen through a glass darkly,
I have seen through a glass darkly.
Track Name: Goode Olde Beowulf

Everyday is just the same
But now its not Its getting grey
Every night is cold and black
Unless its not because its day

Dreaming of the sun and moon
Like in the North so far away
Nothing stays the same here anyway

Back and forth, beside myself, I tell myself, pretend to sleep.
Did you hear the crashing sounds, the wild hound, from mires deep?
Did you fear the giant's stare? The ghastly glare of Grendle's eye?
Warriors fail, the strong men wail, to feel the bite, then turning pale.

Everything is different now
Like waking up from dreams in day
Everyone seems older now
Memories that start to fade

Dreaming of the Earth and Mars
They line up with the Moon today
Nothing's really new here anyway

Warriors fail, the strong men wail to feel the bite, then turning pale
Deadly sin to keep us in, the deadly grip of devil’s claws
Have you seen the burning trails, as big as whales as red as blood?
All have fled, a coming dread an endless night of appetite

Now a hero enters in, and with a might, we’ve never seen
And he won't need the spear or shield
The monster yields unto his hands
Track Name: The Maiden with Whispering Hair

All alone on her own she came softly
Wandering through the thick forest floor
All she wished for was someone beside her
All she asked for and not something more

Then he entered the deep forest ancient,
Near the bridge where the cold river run
He a tall and quiet stranger, through the mist underneath the sun

When the met they would dance on the hilltop,
Near the bridge where the cold river run
When she laughed, you could see how the tree tops,
Seemed to sway underneath summer sun

In the air you feel it coming, in the ground you could feel it come
In the sky hung a moon unchanging,
And her eyes like the ancient one

All at once, something dark seemed to call out, something black
Seemed to call out her name
So she ran and she ran like the river, tried to find her way again.

But the forest was dark and the mist spread
Like the fingers on fair maiden's hands
Till the shapes disappeared like a memory
Like a blanket that covers the land

As the hounds and the wolves kept her running
Down the trail she was seen to fly
And the trees bent and swayed just to hide her
Underneath an unpainted sky

All they found when they searched for the beauty
Was the soft leather belt that she wore
And the small ring she kept in her pocket, that was all, there was Nothing more.

She was gone like the night into morning
She was gone with her whispering hair
Nevermore did he speak of her softly,
Though his heart bore the deepening tear.

Now he still walks alone in the shadows,
Where the trees seem to cover the sun
And he carries the ring in his pocket,
And he dreams of the beautiful one

No one knows, no one goes in the forest
Where the darkness remembers her name
If they try, they will find no one lies there,
And the wolves and the hounds aren't to blame
Track Name: Rosemary

Rosemary, Rosemary give me a sign
I won't pretend, haven't the time
If songs were like wishes, then would you be mine
I have a song for you

Rosemary, Rosemary fragrant and fine
Giants and jackdaws discuss the Divine
Sweet pea, Nasturtium and Ivy entwined
Hallowed and held so dear

All the ways I have wasted my time
Nothing is wasted on you
All of the days I spent wasting my life
I've saved these days just for you

Look away, look away, to another land
Where the sunlight spills over your hair
Look away, look away to a mother's land
Graves and holy wells rest with a prayer

Rosemary, Rosemary,
Rain's coming down, better come in, don't make a sound
Someone is sleeping so deep in the ground
Nobody's left to see

Magpies, wood pigeons and rooks congregate,
Filling the trees overhead
Apples grow ripe, then they fall to the ground
Feeding the living and dead

Look away, look away, to another world
Close your eyes as it comes into view
Down the road, through the hedge, cross the open field
There's a dream that I'm dreaming with you

Rosemary, Rosemary
Open your eyes, look to the hills
Your help will come
Blackberries bursting so sweet on the vine
This life is sweet to me

And of all the places I've spent all my time
I'm never that far from you
And all of the time I have had on my hands
There’s always more left to do

Look away, look away, to another land
Where the storm rises up from the sea
In a way, it is strange, in a foreign land
Loneliness is a comfort to me