The Maiden with Whispering Hair

from by Tacky Little Hatshop

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All alone on her own she came softly
Wandering through the thick forest floor
All she wished for was someone beside her
All she asked for and not something more

Then he entered the deep forest ancient,
Near the bridge where the cold river run
He a tall and quiet stranger, through the mist underneath the sun

When the met they would dance on the hilltop,
Near the bridge where the cold river run
When she laughed, you could see how the tree tops,
Seemed to sway underneath summer sun

In the air you feel it coming, in the ground you could feel it come
In the sky hung a moon unchanging,
And her eyes like the ancient one

All at once, something dark seemed to call out, something black
Seemed to call out her name
So she ran and she ran like the river, tried to find her way again.

But the forest was dark and the mist spread
Like the fingers on fair maiden's hands
Till the shapes disappeared like a memory
Like a blanket that covers the land

As the hounds and the wolves kept her running
Down the trail she was seen to fly
And the trees bent and swayed just to hide her
Underneath an unpainted sky

All they found when they searched for the beauty
Was the soft leather belt that she wore
And the small ring she kept in her pocket, that was all, there was Nothing more.

She was gone like the night into morning
She was gone with her whispering hair
Nevermore did he speak of her softly,
Though his heart bore the deepening tear.

Now he still walks alone in the shadows,
Where the trees seem to cover the sun
And he carries the ring in his pocket,
And he dreams of the beautiful one

No one knows, no one goes in the forest
Where the darkness remembers her name
If they try, they will find no one lies there,
And the wolves and the hounds aren't to blame


from Where The Whales Go To Die, released April 28, 2015
music by Enya Preston, Marjie Preston
lyrics by Marjie Preston



all rights reserved


Tacky Little Hatshop

Tacky Little Hatshop fuses manic keyboard, acoustic guitar, and jungle drums to create a strange yet comforting blend of space folk (think Feist meets Tom Waits).

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